Cabinet Refacing in a Can ®

Waterborne Acrylic Melamine Laminate Finish Paint
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Cabinet Rescue® uses a unique formulation resulting in an ultra hard and durable finish after fully cured.

Cabinet Rescue®  is very resistant to marring, and chipping.

Cabinets refinished with Cabinet Rescue® will look new for many years with minimal care.

Water based:
Easy soap & water
clean-up, more…

Mar Resistant

Super adhesion:
Self priming laminated
surfaces, more…
Super durable:
Hard chip resistant
surface adds years of
life to cabinets, more…
Paint can be tinted
to unlimited range of
pastel colors, more…
Quick drying:
Apply both coats
the same day, more…
Easy care:
Easy to clean stain
resistant finish, more…
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